Our basic business model is to marry local strengths with global practices and fundamental values, delivering compulsive business benefits.

Our off-shore development center has some natural advantages

  • Availability of skilled manpower
  • Manpower experienced in multiple global projects
  • International economic factors favoring lower salary structures in India

We marry these with global orientation

  • Best-in-class software development process
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • World-class leadership and management
  • Experience in American and European business values

We add our fundamental values and beliefs

  • Basic integrity, commitment, dedication and transparence
  • Quality to be proud of
  • A deadline is a deadline is a deadline
  • Deliver successfully every time
  • Focus on your work and the rest will follow

Finally, what we deliver is

  • Unparalleled expertise in our work
  • Guaranteed project execution
  • Excellence in software quality
  • Lower cost of development
  • Faster time-to-market
    Reliable availability of skills

Which allows you to

  • Plan ahead
  • Increase operating margins
  • Complete projects faster
  • Explore new business
  • Reduce risks and uncertainty

We define its business model under following model blocks:


Innodel provides a full range of Information & Technology solutions on project basis – tailoring the level of support to your specific needs. We used to provide technical assistance and advice, Create and recommend a solution, Develop a practical implementation plan for offshore IT projects. Our skilled project manager use to oversee the project with his team. We build our team with experienced IT professionals who have not only sound business and strategic skills, but extensive implementation and project-management experience as well. Many of our affiliates have managed large-scale, global outsourcing projects with complex time and budget parameters.


We have range of IT professionals who works independently for offshore hire base concept. They have enough experience of working for offshore clients.

  • Software engineers & Developers
  • Wide Visional System Analyst
  • Creative Web Graphic Designers
  • Expert Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Specialist Software Tester
  • Network Engineers
  • SEO Specialist


  • Development: Website designing, E-commerce solution, Web application
  • Graphics designing: Logo Designing, Flyer & Catalog Designing, Flash Designing, Corporate Identity Designing, Customized Software
  • Offshore staffing: Hire Developer, Hire Designer, Hire Flash Designer, Hire a Team, and Hire System Analyst
  • Internet marketing: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Promotion, PPC, Website Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Open source customization: Joomla, Drupal, Zend, OS-Commerce, X-Cart, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, DotNetNuke


In global business environment use of Information & technology has taken great rise to solve the complex business problems. Innodel Technologies provides Offshore IT solutions globally. Innodel Technologies bring into being innovative, creative, high-performance Web sites for companies in multiple industries including hospitality, retail, wholesale, communications and other individual businessmen who require IT assistance to solve their complex business problems. Innodel Technologies uses the latest programming and design technologies to provide optimal, successful online as well as desktop services for every upcoming business in complex business world. We use to work within existing corporate ID of our customers or create one for them to establish a sense of branding.


We have established ourselves by providing ultimate solutions to our customers for their complex business and maintained long term relationships. Quality work is the basis to get more and more business from existing customers and we build and maintain relationships with our customers. Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to Innodel Technologies, as do Consistent quality, Constant innovation, Technology enhancement, Process improvement and Customer orientation. We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations. It is our collaborative approach, creative input, and emphasis on economical solutions that has allowed us to develop an impressive and diverse client list.

Our business relationship can take various forms, from Project Success Relationship to Out-sourcing Partnership.


As Strategic India Partner for software product organizations, our relationship becomes a true Business Alliance. An off-shore partnership is a strategic resource for leveraging across the functions within your company. We can play roles in cutting costs, increasing revenue, cutting time-to-market and increasing quality: everything that is required for business success.


You may have certain development needs as a project. The final target is well-understood, and somewhat well-defined. Picking up from there, Innodel will go on to execute the project, making technology decisions and software design along the way. With professional programming practices, your project is also forced through our Central QA/Testing resources. Finally, we provide free Project Archival/Support for 6 months from delivery!.


As a software engineering powerhouse, our primary objective is to provide development skills to other software development companies. You have the skills in client relationship and business system study. We have the people and infrastructure to deliver projects at low costs. In sub-contracting relationships, the final client is usually unaware of Innodel’s role in the development process, and Innodel is also not involved in that part of the pricing/billing.


For IT departments and software product companies, we are ideal out-sourcing partners. Application development and maintenance, or new product releases, are developed through our software skills. We work on entire systems or sub-systems, and often this relationship takes a closer day-to-day form with co-development.


Large technology companies or businesses may wish to have dedicated software factories in India, serving their needs solely. Such factory may be provided by Innodel. You will have control over facilities, security, recruitment and even employee agreements. People and property remains that of Innodel, and Innodel handles all business/legal issues. You get, without start-up investment and operational hold-ups, a dedicated factory. In return, we will want you to commit a minimum level of business for a minimum period.


Innodel is the “cushion” for the client’s development resource needs. As business level and people requirement varies, you have a virtual scalable arm to fall back on. Essentially, it’s an on-demand team available guaranteed for you. A long-term relationship and multiple projects result.


We have strategic tie-ups with marketing companies to provide us customer leads and projects. This relationship usually has percentage-based commissions for the marketing partner. Innodel deals with the client directly after project initiation, and billing goes directly to clients.

Innodel has established various pricing, payment schedule and payment modes to suit different client and project needs.


The standard time-and-materials method of work, based on actuals. This is usually monitored through weekly timesheets and progress reports.


A standard time-and-materials method, with an additional clause that price will not exceed a certain amount.


Project bids, on fixed-price fixed-time basis. Bids may be fixed on hard set of specifications, or accommodate certain level of flexibility.


During remote development, milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring, and the evolution of firm, achievable milestones. Milestone-based payment helps you justify payment, and visible progress reduces risks.

Innodel’s impeccable delivery framework forms the basis of our track record and our management emphasis.


Dedicated recruitment and training processes ensure that intake, and ramp-up, of our people is consistent with performance standards expected. Structured appraisal, resource pool monitoring, skills forecasts and industry involvement keeps our team ready to strike.


Our software development methodology and project execution process are tailored to remote out-sourcing. Benchmarking and process monitoring ensure continuous improvement. Management commitment to the process is visible throughout the company.


We have armed ourselves with tools to complete software development projects. Infrastructure and development tools apart, we have industry alliances that give us the latest in technologies. We also have software tools and little systems sprinkled thoughtfully to help the entire process.


Where required, we combine remote development with on-site implementation and user involvement. Thus, you have one-point solutions and we take full-cycle responsibility.