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Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)

Innodel Technologies has a proven track record of providing custom mobile application development and maintenance services to its clients in various industries, with the ability to handle large enterprise systems, provide cost-effective and timely support.

Innodel has both end-to-end solutions from offshore software development solutions, gathering requirement then, application of design and development and its maintenance with expertise in specific design and development.

Key attributes of our software development process is our flexible, customized approach to each project and customer need. We have standard process defined for typical scenarios, but we customize each project based on your business goals and requirements.

Five Phase Software Development Methodology

“Right Place, Right Time, Right Partners”

Innodel Technologies has now gained expertise for completing the project of Mobile Application Development and Maintenance, Software Development and Web Design and Development with the entire development methodology. Breaking through all Iceberg Innodel has now a team of developers, testers and project managers who are not only expertise in technical process but also developing business process in agile methodologies.

Our resources also include our collection of pre-assembled software components, our reusable engineering toolset, and our reusable architectures all of which dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of Microsoft-based development projects.

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Clients requirement is gathered, understood, analyzed and then Requirement Specification is created which includes an understanding of client’s requirement, what company can provide and basic questionnaire.

  • Designing and Development: Here work goes simultaneously for Designing and Development of a project. System designing helps in defining overall system architecture with a test strategy.
    In development Phase work is divided into modules and coding is started. It is the most important and longest part of the software development lifecycle.

  • Testing: Once the coding is done Quality Analysis starts. In this phase all the testing is done including functional testing, technical testing, acceptance testing and if any error is found it is solved before making LIVE.

  • Implementation: It is considered as a final phase as mostly project gets over after implementing in client’s system. Once testing is done it is delivered to the customer for their use.
  • Maintenance: Many a times customer demands after service and maintenance of the project so in that case this phase will be considered last. When a system goes live actual problem starts arising and needs to solve in real time.

Commitment To Quality

“Commitment is to transforming promise into reality”

For Innodel Technologies, Software quality is not just a term. It is an integral part of the way we do business every day. Derived from industry standards like SEI-CMM and ISO standards, Innodel’s Quality Management System (QMS) defines our project management and software processes.

It formally documents project management and engineering processes; waterfall, iterative, and agile development methodologies; and best practices throughout all phases of development.

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Managing Innovations

  • Cloud Computing Services

  • Sustainable Solutions

Competitive business can be complicated, simplify it with Innodel, the place to manage your business in digital way.