July 2020

QR Code Menu for Restaurants: Provide a digital and contact-less QR Menu experience to your customers

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During this time where most of the restaurants are reopening in India, will have to follow the government guidelines to reduce the number of surface objects that customer and restaurants staff comes in contact. While it is advised by Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to use disposable menus in their guidelines [...]

September 2019

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani Launches SIMPLE and SACHET geo-tagged enable mobile application at Gandhinagar.

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The aim of Gujarat’s Labour Department application SACHET (Safety and Comprehensive Health Environment Test) which will allow work environment monitoring in industrial units. Whereas, SIMPLE (Shram Inspection Mobile Portal for Labour & Employer) will bring in greater transparency in inspections at factories and also make the process quicker. SACHET Launch of the [...]

UP Police Launches New ‘C-Plan’ App to Aid Community Policing

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The Uttar Pradesh Police has launched a ‘C-Plan’ smartphone application developed by Innodel Technologies Pvt. Ltd., that will help them keep a tab on anti-social elements to counter their nefarious designs in time. The app keeps the directory of 10 or more people identified by department in every village, known as Sambhrant-10, [...]

June 2019

Benefits of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

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The Offshore Development Center (ODC) is now a popular business model to lower operating expenses and raise productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. Building flair software demands a lot of effort, time, and talent. The ever-growing demand for software engineers in the West, combined with the eruption of talent in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South [...]

May 2019

Android or iOS: Which mobile app should be Developed first?

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When it comes to developing a mobile application, this is the most confusing thing that which app should be developed first- Android or iOS. Nowadays, People uses mobile apps on a daily basis. Mobile Applications are very important for businesses in the present and upcoming future as they provide great connectivity with users. As considering [...]

Benefits of ERP Software System for Schools Management

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The school ERP Software is the management system for schools and the benefit of school management system is that provide resources that empower the smooth running of educational efficiency by assuring cost savings, effectiveness as well as capabilities. The School ERP system with the below advantages is good to manage the school. Customized ERP software [...]

April 2019

Decorated Merchandise Business Management: Tips and Examples

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What is Decorated Merchandise Business? Online Decorated Merchandise Business is the strategic display and arrangement of products in your e-commerce store. Apparel Management Software helps you to act using the visual elements to really enhance the overall experience. Visual Merchandising isn't now just limited to retail stores. More and more online are bringing these concepts [...]

Warehouse Management System: Role in Logistics Chain

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What is Warehouse Management System? Warehouse Management Systems are becoming more popular as a Supply Chain Logistics which continue to with more and more flexibility in managing entire Logistics Chain. It is considered as a most complex process to manage an entire business flow so many organizations are turning to technology to streamline operations meet [...]

Fleet Management System: 6 Reasons to Develop

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Introduction: Fleet Management refers to the application, tool or technology that help businesses maintain a track record of their business vehicle from a certain platform. It carries a very meaningful purpose behind doing these activities by companies. Many people consider it as a micro-management but it is way far from this. The basic purpose behind [...]

Features and Benefits of Mobile Apps for Restaurant

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Today we are in the Digital Era! Everyone and everything jumps up to digitalization with Mobile Apps and Websites. Because of digitalization people and things become worldwide. As a result of digitalization, competition is on-sky high, each and every business want to be in the market of competition. To stay firmly in the market of tough competition, every [...]