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7 top Information Technology Trends in year 2019

Technology is now evolving at such a rapid pace that it changes so fast. Sometimes even faster than the entertainment and fashion industry. Technology-based career doesn’t change at the same speed, but they do evolve. The IT professionals of the 21st century will constantly be learning, either by desire or necessity. Here are the technology trends for 2019, which will create history in the coming future.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI):

    Artificial Intelligence or AI has already received buzz in recent years, but it continues to be a trend as it is still in its early stages. In addition, AI refers to computers systems built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognition, speech, images or decision making. AI can perform these tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

  • Machine Learning:

    Machine Learning is a subset of AI. Along with Machine Learning computers are programmed to learn something, they are not programmed to do. Machine learning is rapidly being used in all kinds of industries, which is creating a huge demand for skilled professionals. According to one survey, Machine Learning market is expected to grow to $8.81 billion by 2022.

  • Robotic Process Automation or RPA:

    Like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation or RPA is another technology that is automating in the field of technology. RPA is mostly used for software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, dealing with data, processing transactions and even replying to your emails. RPA automates a repetitive task that people used to do.

  • Blockchain:

    Most people think that Blockchain technology is in relation with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In simplest of terms, blockchain can be described as data you can only add to, not take away from or change. Hence means you making a “Chain” of data. A user is not able to change the previous blocks is what makes blockchain so secure.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

    Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in an environment while Augmented Reality (AR) enhances their environment. Although VR has primarily been used for gaming thus, it has also been used for training. The popular and favorite Pokemon Go is an example of AR. Both have equal potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing and even rehabilitation like for doctors to do surgery, in theme parks, enhance marketing and even in museums.

  • Cyber Security:

    Currently, Cyber Security might not seem like emerging technology, given that it has been around for a while, but it is evolving just as another technology is. Because cyber threats are constantly new and such cases are taking place very frequently.

  • Internet of Things (IoT):

    Although it sounds like a game you would play on your smartphone, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. Many “things” that are now being built along with WiFi connectivity, meaning they can be connected to the internet- and to each other. IoT enables devices, cars, home appliances and much more are connected to and exchange data over the internet.