QR Code Menu for Restaurants: Provide a digital and contact-less QR Menu experience to your customers

During this time where most of the restaurants are reopening in India, will have to follow the government guidelines to reduce the number of surface objects that customer and restaurants staff comes in contact. While it is advised by Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to use disposable menus in their guidelines for SOP on preventive measures in Restaurants to contain the spread of COVID-19, these are not cost-effective and it is not possible to sanitize physical menus after each use.

Innodel launches Foodzi, a much more cost-effective way to provide digital & contactless menu experience to your customers by generating a QR code-based menu. These are scannable codes that open up the menus on the customer’s phone. It is a fast, easy, and cost-effective and best alternative to the disposable menu. The most impactful benefit of Foodzi is the QR Menu generated is touch-less.

With Foodzi, the restaurants, hotels, eateries hub, fast-food stores, dhabas, tea spots, food trucks, street food stalls, cafeteria, coffee shops, food outlets, food bakery, etc. can offer their customer a germ-free and contact-less digital menu experience.

Switching to Foodzi QR Menus has a lot of benefits.

  1. QR Menus are more hygienic than paper menus. It gives a touch-less experience to your customers to view your food menu on their phone by scanning QR code placed on the table.
  2. A better customer experience by providing instant access to your menu on their phones. With Foodzi mobile application, the customer will be able to view food menu after first scan and can debate on what to eat when they are sitting at your restaurants.
  3. The QR Menus will help restaurant significantly cut the expenses of printing physical menus, making it an environment friendly option and save paper resources.

Types of QR Menus that can be generated using Foodzi.

  • QR food menus for restaurants, hotels, eateries hub, fast-food stores, dhabas, tea spots, food trucks, street food stalls, cafeteria, coffee shops, food outlets, etc.
  • Room service QR menus
  • QR menu for spa & other amenities

Getting QR Menu for your restaurants is easy
Follow these steps to start using Foodzi:

Step 1

Start your Registration at www.foodzi.in and upload your food menu in PDF format. Pay registration fee Rs.2,700/-(Including Taxes) for one food menu as onetime fee! New registrations are required for additional food menus. Includes 4 free menu updates for 1 year.

Step 2

On successful registration, receive QR code of your menu on the email you mentioned at the time of registration. Print the QR menu and place it on the table.

Step 3

Give your customer a touch-less digital menu browsing experience.

Visit www.foodzi.in for registering your outlet. Contact us at hello@foodzi.in or +917383201095 for any sales inquiry.

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