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Android or iOS: Which mobile app should be Developed first?

When it comes to developing a mobile application, this is the most confusing thing that which app should be developed first- Android or iOS.

Nowadays, People uses mobile apps on a daily basis. Mobile Applications are very important for businesses in the present and upcoming future as they provide great connectivity with users. As considering these points business owners also realize the importance of Mobile App Development for business. Mobile Applications are very important today because most people use smartphones and they spend more time on mobile apps.

When business owners realize the importance of mobile apps in their business and reach the decision for developing a mobile app for business, the one question bother about the platform. Which platform should be the first to develop an app- Android or iOS? Developing or launching an app for both Android and iOS at the same time is very risky. In preference, first developing an app only for one platform is better, and then after the success of first launch developing for the second platform is far better than failure or flop.

Did you know what the first mobile app platform of Instagram?

When launched in 2010, Instagram was for only iOS users. 30 million people join Instagram to create and share beautiful photos on their iOS devices.

After getting over 30 million users from only a single iOS app. They launched Instagram for the Android user in 2012. Despite such a massive love and acceptance from the audience, it took them 2 years to come with an Android version of the same.

How to decide which mobile app should be developed first: Android or iOS

So, here are the aspects to consider, when deciding between Android or iOS

*Audience or Customer:

The first and most important aspect to consider is the audience or customer of your business. What kind of customers do you providing your business services or what kind of users you want to get with the mobile app? If your customers are just ordinary people or you want to develop an app for ordinary people than the Android app is best because they can’t afford apple phones. We all know that Apple’s focus is much upon the high-class consumer, who are having a higher income. If your business comes from high-class extra-ordinary customers or you only want high-class consumers than the iOS app is definitely the best idea.


Location is an important aspect to looking in while developing a mobile app for your business. Location- a place from your business belongs or a location from your customers belong must research about it before developing an app. If you are targeting countries like USA, Australia, Japan than iOS app is a better option. Same as you are targeting all over globe or countries like Germany, Italy, and India than Android app is the best option for your business mobile application.

*Project Timeline:

How quickly do you want your mobile app to publish? Project timeline is important because there is a different time duration for both iOS app and Android app development.
Android App development generally takes more time due to longer release cycles and device fragmentation. Building a mobile application for multiple Android devices generally takes more time: there are thousands of Android devices which have a variety of screen sizes and OS versions running.

When iOS app development can sometimes be quicker, it can also take longer for the App Store to approve your iOS application with the strict regulations and quality expectations in place. In contrast, Android applications take a day or two to get approved by app stores.


When it comes to the mobile app development cost, there is nothing to make any platform costly or cheaper. The cost of Mobile app development totally depends on the project you have, the features of the app, the time duration of development, etc. But, there is a difference in the app store. For Android, app stores charge a onetime registration fee. For iOS, you will have to pay for a one-year registration, which means you will be charged again for the next year.

*Revenue Target:

If you are developing an app to make money than this point is for you. If you want to charge money for app download than iOS app development is a good option as most iOS users use paid apps instead of free apps. If you want to develop an app for making money through in-app purchase or advertisement than go with an android app because it will get you more advertise viewers and Android users mostly use free apps instead of paid apps. You can reach more people with the Android app than an iOS app.


So which platform would you choose first to build your app? Depends on the factors that we have discussed above. If we consider some aspects then iOS seems preferable and vice versa.
Like if you’re looking to build an app for American audience then iOS is a preferable choice.
Similarly, for global audience developing an Android app is a better choice. But to make a final decision you have to consider all the factors. After that hire an iOS app developer or Android app developer as per your requirement. Since 2009 Innodel Technology offers great solutions for mobile app development for both iOS and Android.