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Warehouse Management System: Role in Logistics Chain

What is Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management Systems are becoming more popular as a Supply Chain Logistics which continue to with more and more flexibility in managing entire Logistics Chain. It is considered as a most complex process to manage an entire business flow so many organizations are turning to technology to streamline operations meet all challenges.

A Warehouse Management System allows a logistics firm to manage inventory in real time, with data as existing as the latest order, shipment, or receipts and any moment in between. The result of the Warehouse Management System will start getting in a few months only. As it reduces the chances of error in delivering goods and customer satisfaction increases.

Warehouse Management Software can do a lot more automation then thought, it helps any organization dealing or managing in Warehouse to overcome the Challenges they are facing currently.

Challenges in Warehouse Management:

The common challenge faced by Warehouse Management is to keep detail control over something which is so large. To pinpoint the exact location for specific item or inventory, managing delivery, return goods, damaged or expiry goods effectively. Insurance policy, pest control human resource in Warehouse, risk management, and other security purposes are the most common Challenges faced by the Warehouse owner or managers dealing in a logistics business.

Benefits of Warehouse Management System:

  1. Achieve up to 99%+ Inventory Accuracy:

    With real-time information, confirmation, and verification, Warehouse Management System as a solution gives employees immediate feedback and helps to maintain inventory accuracy. This will help employees save time from finding missing inventory and overloading at any particular location in a warehouse which ultimately reduces costly errors.

  2. Effective utilization of Warehouse space:

    Warehouse Management Software provides the live location of goods as well as empty location. Here, roles of WMS come into existence it helps employees provide live status for any location. Along with this the system also directs and alert employees for Warehouse Space Management.

  3. Increased Labor productivity:

    Optimized warehouse processes reduce picking and packaging processing time. It also reduces the work like non-value added activities like manual checking and shipment audits etc. It also minimizes the travel paths, direct put-away and picking up of goods at proper locations which helps Labor to work faster and accurately helps in increase in productivity.

  4. Boost on-time and complete shipment:

    The accurate order picking functionality of Warehouse Management System helps in completing and delivering customer orders on time. Decreased cycle time helps you to avoid costly unwanted delays in shipping. Also a reduction in cycle-time, resulting in more in-time shipments.

  5. Improved Customer Service:

    By processing right from order placement to shipment and delivery, a customer finds organization trustworthy and it leads to unique services to a customer. A happy customer is also a loyal customer and increases the chances of increase in a number of orders and brand-value.

  6. Reduce unwanted Wastage:

    Damages, return, broken and other unwanted goods are never taken care of which is a big loss for a company. They are scrap and never disposed of properly but Warehouse Management Software plays a vital role in proper placement and utilization of such goods.


Modern digital platform has catered every sector and logistics is no different and one of the parts of the system and slowly but gradually it is also getting technocrat systematic department to be considered.

Here Innodel Technology plays an important role in making more organized by its varied sets of services for Logistics Chain and customized Warehouse Management Software Service is one of them.